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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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are ca^fes when it might be a®rather serious vice to
say what you think at the cost of hurting somebody
else. I do not say, refrain from putting your side of
the case, but put it carefully, put it cfourteously, above
all things. It is so odd, if you think of it, that you
cannot, as a rule, differ with a person without getting
"more or less angry. It seems so very absurd. There
are thousands upon thousands of questions in the
"world, upon which there is much to be said on both
sides, on which one point of yiew is as defensible per-
haps as the other, yet people do not seem to be able
to talk to a person holding the other point of view
without losing their tempers. You will find a dis-
cussion between a Catholic and an Orangeman
exceedingly likely to end in blows, which, after all, is
not a form of argument which carries conviction with
it one way or another. To differ from your opinion
•seems to some to be a kind of slight. They are so
sure that their opinion is right that any other man
who disagrees with therr^ is wilfully, and of malice
prepense, declining to accept it. ^That is really the
kind of line which many Christians will take, if you
discuss Theosophy with them. They talk to you as
if you must know that their point of view is the only
sane one, and as if the only reason for your holding
3'ours is simply that the devil has entered into you.

We have to be a little careful. This kind of thing
is so much in the air that it may affect us. -There is
a special temptation with regard to Theosophy,